Internet Nazis & Creating A Target Audience


TARGET AUDIENCE – it’s sounds like a boring term, but it’s really given me f*cking confidence when it comes to my brand.

I have various readers on my blog daily : some are obsessed with it, some hate it, some can live without it and there are even some who envy it. Despite the hundreds of people who have looked at my website, my goal is to attract and focus on my target audience. Or in other words, I am looking for my b*tchessssss.

I am not your typical fashion/lifestyle blogger. I don’t write one sentence blog posts along the lines of “omg i love this jacket and my lovelies who follow me. xoxo”. I would rather work at Home Depot (hate that f*cking place) than be a overly-nice-fake-boring blogger. I promote a bitch lifestyle which vibes with women who can talk shit + speak the truth + grab life by the balls.

MY ISSUE: I wasn’t creating content that attracted and engaged that type of target audience.

I was spending way too much time overly explaining myself and even writing defensive posts directed towards my blog nazis. I had a vague idea of my target audience which was leading to me having anxiety and overthinking a joke because I knew “so and so” would find it offensive. Constantly in panic mode when writing posts and preparing for the gates of hell to open up if god forbid I created content that was not super vanilla.

Finally, I had a f*cking wake-up call that I was putting my time and energy into the wrong people (duhhhh). I am not here to connect with conservative moms who find my blog appalling according to scriptural doctrine OR overly sensitive women who take every joke literally OR people who are here just to pick a fight to cope with their emo life.

By getting clear on defining my target audience to a T and coming up with strategies to finding more of them, I was able to put my foot on the gas pedal to being 100% authentic and inappropriate.


The beauty about having a clear target audience is weeding out the people that quite frankly f*cking suck. Those people for me are the ones who sensitivity level gets provoked by the word “d*ck”, feeling that my opinion is personally attacking their belief system, caddy comments that start with “sorry I just had to tell you that…”, and forgetting that I am just another blonde blogging about my basic life – there is no need to get worked up over a narcissistic personal blog. Keep scrolling b*tches.

When I put so much pride and hard work into my blog, it was frustrating hitting this wall of only conversing with STUPID. That is where the need to really define my ideal b*tch (reader) became important to me – a woman that I would enjoy connecting with over the internet and gets me. I asked myself these questions to creating a fantasy bff :

  • name?
  • age?
  • location?
  • $$ make?
  • current occupation?
  • career goal?
  • favorite food?
  • social media preferences?
  • relationship status?
  • personality?
  • height?
  • body type?
  • rent or own?
  • diet?
  • small or large group of friends?
  • favorite drink?
  • likes to travel?
  • prefer blog or video or both?
  • makeup or natural?
  • favorite tv show?
  • why does she visit my site?
  • why does she like me as a person?

I got very DETAILED about my ideal b*tch and stored it in the notes section on my iPhone.

It sounds really depressing and like a coping mechanism for the lack of friends in my life, but I swear successful business leaders have given me this advice countless times. By imagining and creating an ideal b*tch, it allows for me to create content that attracts those kind of readers. There is no longer this sinking gut feeling of what people will think when talking about banging men on the first date because I used to be a whore (*sarcasm*…and you would know that if are my ideal b*tch).

Just by becoming more clear on my target audience, the content I am producing is way more vulgar and ballsy. I am also getting an outpour of messages from women who love it and have taken the time out of their day to explain exactly why they appreciate my content. So my new motto is “F*CK EVERYONE” because it’s really working for me. I don’t have the time or energy to fake smile and make awkward small talk. Let’s talk about hook-ups, slutty outfits, working on getting a bigger a**, and creepy dudes we find in our DMs that don’t know how to flirt. You know, the good shit.

Whenever I get any negativity or unfollows now, I always ask myself this : is this person in my target audience? The answer has always been no. It doesn’t sting anymore and it gives me the freedom to be authentic.

Deuces, bitches!

I am on this purge of simplifying my business and really narrowing down steps to working smarter.

It’s an absolute nightmare to stress and overthink a passion that is supposed to light my ass on fire.

For anyone looking to build their own business or have bad ass relationships or come out of their shell more, I think having a target audience makes it easier to let go of sh*t people and open the door to connecting with your b*tchesssss.


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4 Responses
  • Brad Daugherty
    October 18, 2017

    Good read! I suddenly feel the need to be one of your b*tchesssss!!🤣

  • Kodie
    November 21, 2017

    I may not be one of your bitches, because if I’m being honest this was the first of your blogs ive ever read. BUT this is exactly what I needed to hear!
    EVERY SINGLE POST I feel like I’m walking on fucking egg shells because SALLY over there doesn’t agree with me.
    My shit isn’t even controversial and I’m constantly getting comments, messages, texts, emails… fucking PDFs telling me I’m wrong.
    This is EXACTLY what I needed hear. Keep at it babe!

    • Savanna Barajas
      November 21, 2017

      Kodie, thank you so much for your feedback and I am glad this post resonated with you! UGH, sometimes I hate people and their unsolicited opinions. It drove me insane for YEARS trying to cater to everyone else! You seem fun and feisty from your comment and I am sure you are going to kick ass in whatever you do. And for everyone who says you are doing it wrong, you are probably doing something right! And you are totally one of my bitches now! 😉

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