Setting Goals For My Side Hustle & Hating My 9-5


2017 was the year I launched my side hustle – this extremely unfiltered blog. As we ended out the year, I had been doing a lot of planning in regards to busting my a$$ in order to make a living blogging in 2018. When people talk about their fast track to getting sponsorships and thousands of viewers, I haven’t even nailed down my instagram theme yet and just invested all my play money this year into re-vamping my website probably about ten times. It’s been a slow progress between finding time to blog with a corporate job and having my brand evolve/change over time.

I am not going to lie that sometimes it was absolute torture watching all these women on social media partnering up with my favorite brands, driving in luxury cars, traveling the world, getting clothes for free, working on their own terms, and having an amazing community of people to collaborate with. If I am being super judgy (which comes naturally), what about those girls that really bring NO content or personality to the influencer realm, but have millions of followers and money because of a boob job?! You all know I love me some nice titties, but has anyone else thought they personally had way MORE potential and assets to bring to the table?

OH, and I also am stuck in a room for 8 hours wasting my life away not living my life purpose. While other influencers are paying $20 for a salad at Whole Foods and setting their own schedules, I am using my lunch break to stand in line to use the office microwave to heat up my $3 pasta pack. My coworkers are shocked anytime I smile at work which should tell you something.

ALSO, I believed there was little time between work/another side hustle/exercise/relationships to work on my blog and then I got frustrated for having “enough time” to work on my main side hustle.

Are you f*cking annoyed yet by my whining? Yeah, me too.

That was my “a little too honest” feelings and besides it being super C-U-N-T-Y, it honestly felt good last month to let out some steam and be honest with myself. I let myself have my moment and then forced Aaron to listen to my 3 hour saga about why I hated certain bloggers and why I am better than anyone else and blah blah blah. When I was done with the b*tch fit, that is where I had gained some mental clarity and was ready to create a game plan.

Because guess what?! No one gives a f*ck about my first world blogging problems.

Overall, my blog has grown immensely and progressed in several ways. There has been a lot of positive changes over the course of this year that I won’t bore you with by going into detail. Although I worked hard on my blog in 2017, I lacked CONSISTENCY & KNOWLEDGE. It was time to get real with myself. If I was was such a great blogger, why would there only be one blog post a month and the same underbooob shot?

Does that scream success?

I am sure you all have goals (I hope not f*cking resolutions) that you want to hit in 2018 and with that comes mapping out a strategic plan. I am the QUEEN of to-do lists and routines and analyzing everything for my business which is why I wanted to share my strategy for goal setting. Goal setting for side hustles especially can be overwhelming and I have done my fair share of making it complicated. The goal is to keep it simple for 2018.


The biggest reasons my side hustles have failed in the past is OVERWHELM. I just kept frantically jumping from one project to another always feeling that I never did enough and was always behind. I know I am not alone when a goal can turn into a sh*t show followed by a burn-out phase that is then masked with shots of tequila. In order to not be that person who seems to write a depressing post every new year on how they didn’t accomplish their goals and life dealing them a bad hand, it’s motivation enough to get more strategic with goal setting.

That is why mapping out my six months has been transformational for my a-n-x-i-e-t-y. All that overwhelm OR not knowing where to start OR focusing on unimportant tasks OR jumping ahead is GONE. It’s super simple and took me about 20 minutes.

1.) got a piece of paper out and wrote everything I wanted to accomplish for the next six months.

2.) wrote out the first six months on my phone in the notes section.

3.) identified what needed to be done first (ex: getting a bigger viewership before launching my clothing line).

4.) put 2-3 projects in each monthly slot.

5.) focusing on the month I am in.

 I am sure things will adjust as the year moves on, but the priority is to only allow myself 2-3 projects a month.

⇒ 3 Things To-Do List

Recently hooked on the book “the 4-hour workweek”by Tim Ferris. The premise is basically working harder not smarter. I heard the term before, but apparently having a 7-10 task to-do list and feeling like a failure doesn’t fall under the lines of “working smarter”. This has been an adjustment and learning curve for sure, but only tasking three things makes sense.

With the trend to hustle and push more, there are a LOT of people (myself included) who keep busy, but never focus on their priorities to make a side hustle succeed.

The 3 thing to-do list might seem too low, but with delegation and prioritizing it is made possible.

Only three tasks that take 15-30 minutes per task.

I don’t count workouts, grocery shopping or appt as a task.

These three tasks are simply just for my business goals.

I store them in the reminder section in my iPhone.


I recently took a mindset mastery course and learned that many people will neglect the 1 THING that could sky rocket their success. I could be doing 90% of the work to hitting a goal, but neglecting the 10% that will actually bring the results. For me, that was getting up at the crack of dawn to work on my blog. I have limited time at work and in the evenings to work on my blog. It has been torture waking up at 5am, but it has increased my productivity ten fold.

It’s also helped me get through the work day since I am not stressing about not having time to work on my side hustle, and I am starting my morning with something that I love to do. It sets a organized theme for the day. I am not a early morning person at all, but I choose to be in order to hit my goals.


Ehhh, that was definitely lacking in 2017. Sporadic blog posts and reposting the same photos isn’t going to reap success. That is why I set up weekly tasks that MUST BE DONE in order to have a successful business. They differ for every business, but my business will not be successful without :

  • 1 blog post a week
  • daily insta stories
  • 1-2 insta posts
  • 1 photoshoot a week

I have had people tell me I need to blog 4-5 times a week, upload everyday to instagram, be posting on social media all the time, and taking photos 24/7. That is far from the truth as I have worked with bloggers that follow a format similar to the one above and are killing it. I have no intention of being glued to my phone AND having to photograph every memory of my life AND writing 4 short sh*t posts for the sake of posting. I want my readers to look forward to my posts, not be that girl who is like those MLM distributors always shoving photos of herself and her products in your feed. It’s like dating, don’t be the girl that texts back right away and is always free and you can always expect her next move. I want that mystery and anticipation to keep my readers coming back.


In 2018, I plan to enroll in 3 online courses that help with marketing, working with sponsors, and monetizing my site. There is so much knowledge on the internet that there really is no excuse. There are so many talented people that excel in the things I suck at which is why I plan to invest my time in their courses. Instead of being in a college classroom poking my eyes out of boredom, I chose to be working a 40 hr work week and working on my side hustle. One thing I promised myself when I dropped out of college is I would do everything I could to educate myself on entrepreneurship and business. I plan to continue to keep that promise this year.

What’s your top 2018 goal?

Let a hoe know!


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