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MASON JAR SALADS – you should know cooking and meal prep bores the living sh*t out of me.

I cook my food on high as to save me time and never under appreciate take-out.

I do love eating clean though which is why I found an e-a-s-y hack to incorporate more veggies.

The one biggest regret about buying vegetables for one or two people is they go rancid so f*cking fast.

With storing them in a glass container, I don’t have to worry about rotting vegetables and wasting my $$.

And consuming at least 1-2 salads a day has led to better health & I feel f*cking put together.


Where do you get the mason jars?

I get a 12 pack at Target (find them on amazon here) even though I realistically need five for the busy work week.

Sh*t breaks – so it’s always good to have more for back-up OR if your boyfriend decides to join the band wagon.

How long do mason jar salads they really last?

So longest record for me was about a week and a half AND it was still in perfect condition.

I am fairly consistent with my routines so I have never left anything in over there for two weeks (plus I’m too scared to try).

How do you make them last longer?

So some people recommend that you put the liquids (meaning dressing or wet foods) at the bottom so it doesn’t get all the leftover salad ingredients wet.

This freaks me the f*ck out having dressing or meat marinating for several days with my vegetables.

I know they last about 2-5 days if you do that (so I hear).

But if I just insert vegetables into the jars and leave the condiments on the side, it last a good week and it’s still perfect.

No wilting. No shoggy salads. Nothing.

How do you stack the vegetables?

You want to put the wettest vegetables on the bottom – for me that’s cucumber and shredded carrots.

Then once I add all the remaining vegetables, I fill the top of the jar with shredded lettuce.

It keeps it super fresh and looks aesthetic as f*ck.

Any benefits to putting them in mason jars?


First off b*tches, storing and heating your sh*t in plastic is cancer-causing and puts harmful chemicals in your food.

I hate to be the health police, but I have been switching over to glass as much as possible.

Second reason is that the vegetables stay fresh and they don’t significantly lose their nutritional value as they wilt in the fridge.

Plus they last forever + pinterest can suck my d*ck they are so aesthetic + everyone needs more veggies for a banging body.


start with a clean, dry mason jar

add sliced organic cucumbers

add organic shredded carrots

add sliced organic mushrooms

fill jar to top with organic shredded lettuce

seal mason jar firmly and store in fridge

when ready to serve, add jalepenos + olives + 1/2 avocado

drizzle with bragg’s organic acv dressing

add 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast on top

3 Holy Grail Products

Jalepenos (buy them here) – I am ADDICTED to spicy food that I seriously google search on a monthly basis “how to quit my spicy chip addiction”. I can’t get enough which is why I am slowly trying to ween myself off the chips and find spicy alternatives. Not to mention that jalepenos kick me that extra kick in my salad that would otherwise bore me if it’s just plain vegetables.

ACV Braggs Dressing (buy it here) – I raved about this dressing before on my instagram and the blog – it’s the shit for so many reasons. Reason number one being it’s 100% clean with 0g of fat and low calories. Most low-fat dressings do more harm than good and taste like crap. This dressing has a light taste and is great to pair with jalepenos (buy on amazon here).

Nutrition Yeast (buy it here) – If I get one more f*cking question from a co-worker about what and where nutritional yeast comes from, I am going to say my vagina. It’s an amazing dairy substitute since cheese makes me look like a whale now (read that post here). I have been using it for YEARS and love it – great to add on top of salads and pasta. Also great source of vitamin B-12 and there are various health benefits.

QUICK TANGENT – The biggest thing about salads is that people claim they are BORING or they dose their vegetables in ranch with a loaf of bread crumbs wondering why they can’t lose weight. In order to keep salads appealing, it’s all about the condiments and getting creative. Find some great healthy dressing at Whole Foods that taste bomb and have great health benefits. Add seasonings, oil/vinegar, avocado, sweet potato, hard boiled eggs, olives, chopped chicken, etc. This is what I have done over the years to crave salads on a daily basis – become a total diva with the my food.

As I keep cutting out more processed foods and crap, I keep craving cleaner meals that take under 10 minutes. Which is why mason jar salads have become my go-to meals for months now.



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