The Harsh Realities About Instagram Models


Before anyone thinks I consider myself a booming instagram model, I don’t…like not even close. I consider any woman who freely shows off her body on the internet and then asks people to click a link in her bio as an instagram model. I don’t care how many followers she has at the current moment.

Am I personally getting free trips to Dubai and getting paid to wear lingerie? I f*cking wish, but no. I wanted to scream with excitement when I hit 1,000 followers which most freshman girls in high school think is pathetic. Although I am not the hottest sh*t to follow on instagram (yet?), I have worked with quite a few photographers now and dabbled in modeling in order to create dope content for my blog. I have also received quite an earful on all the rules regarding instagram modeling.

…instagram models are competitive as f*ck and with that comes a lot of fakeness, we all know that. I saw a girl just the other day giving a promo code for men’s underwear, even though it threw her brand completely off. I get that you are trying to make a dollar just like everyone else, but f*ck that was so cringe to watch. Don’t even get me started on the whole fit tea sponsorship while sporting a waist trainer that makes me want to emotionally eat my feelings. We all know that stereotypical sh*t that instagram models do on the surface. You don’t have to shoot topless photos right next to people doing their family photos (sorryyyy) to state the obvious.

That is why I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek into an insider’s perspective of joining the cult of instagram models. What is it really like being in front of the camera and putting scandalous photos on the internet?! I thought that you just throw your top off, strike a pose, and hit post. It’s not that simple and there is so much PRESSURE to play by the rules of FAKENESS. Being someone who never likes to be told what to do and being put in a box, this is another self-righteous rant of how I have stopped giving a f*ck to society’s rules.


I thought the whole eating disorder and body dysmorphia issues were only associated with runway models who live off cucumbers and dick to fit into a size zero. I quickly realized that instagram models sporting that curvy or thicc look also face the same issues. Since I hadn’t had much experience in front of the camera except tilting the shit out of my head and putting my hands on my hips, it was a nightmare trying to create sexy photos when all I could accentuate is strechmarks and my double chin. It was a humbling experience to say the least.

I have met many instagram models in my life who go down this rabbit hole of starving themselves and staring in the mirror for hours crying about their thigh gap – it takes over their world. I did that sh*t when I was around fourteen, and I don’t plan on going back to starving myself for two weeks to impress a pubescent boy. The whole facade of dieting, photoshop, and pretending to look a certain way bores me.

That’s the harsh reality about getting in front of the camera, it can be self-defeating at times. I spend hours on my hair and perfecting my brows only to look like the hunchback of notre dame. It’s flawed and messy. It can take a million shots to get the right one. It’s not always glamorous. The thing about modeling is that I couldn’t let it ruin my self-esteem. I let myself have my judgy moments, but then I move the f*ck on. I also allow my photoshoots as motivation to stay on top of my nutrition and fitness regimens during the work week (check out details here). It’s not a walk in the park, but it has gotten immensely better as I have cleaned up my physique and learned my best angles.



I thought I would give you guys a behind the scenes look of what anyone can do with photoshop. When I got the photo back with my waist looking insanely tiny, I instantly asked the photographer to revert it back to the original photo. I thought I was the hot sh* t because I had enough balls to say no to photoshop. I showed my Grandma the photos boasting like I should get the nobel prize for being this humble. She really misunderstood my story because she blurted out “Oh my god. Yeah, he made you look HUGE! Why would he make your waist look that big?” I replied back, “Grandma, no that’s the original photo of my body. The smaller waist is photoshop.” AWKWARD SILENCE HAHA.

I have been told by countless photographers to start photoshopping my photos. I can’t even stand to use facetune or snapchat with beauty filters, how am I suppose to take editing my body to a whole other level? Before you think I am against photoshopping my photos to set an example to young girls and blah blah blah…unfortunately that has never been my drive and motivation to avoiding photoshop like the plague.

I do not participating in shrinking my waist OR even whitening my teeth because I am extremely prideful when it comes to modeling. I pride myself in the fact that I don’t need photoshop to take hot photos. It may take me 3456 hours and three meltdowns about my face, but I will get the shot.

Look, I get it. I make sure to post photos that make me look hot and show off all the right angles. By pushing my hips back and spray tanning my pale ass skin, it can look like I dropped ten pounds. I don’t personally go out of my way to accentuate my bad side and let everyone know what happens when I eat a burrito plus a family size plate of nachos for lunch. I have days where I am bloated to the max and I learned to NEVER shoot the day before my period.

My issue with photoshopping my photos is I am all about being authentic and real. And as much as every f*cking public figure loves to throw that line around, I think making my waist looks ten times smaller and then doing a post on my fitness regimen is hypocritical. It’s like those girls on Tinder that post photos of when they were skinny 5 years ago and then the guy is ultimately set up for disappointment when he meets her in person (even though she may be hot as sh*t…flaunt what you got now).

SO, there is that. Not into photoshop because I am prideful. Also, it would be a complete mind f*ck having to look at photos of myself and then edit all the imperfections – resort back to my first point of how you can easily lose your confidence.



YES, apparently steroids and fat burners are all the rage with instagram models. There are also performance enhancers and lots of other drugs that can make women look leaner without having to do a lot of the work. Unlike professional bodybuilders or powerlifters who look huge, there are options to taking a lower dosage that can give you that extremely lean look while maintaining muscle in all the right places. Since fitness is more prevalent in the modeling industry now, there is a ton of pressure to have an insane ratio when it comes to your wait and a$$.

If you want to take steroids or enhancers, I am all for doing whatever the f*ck you want when it comes to your body. My problem is woman promoting body positivity and guaranteeing my waist can be smaller than my ex boyfriend’s penis if I workout consistently. I am all about HONESTY. If you are taking steroids or enhancers to look like barbie, don’t lie to me and tell me it’s your basic booty e-book that made it all possible. I don’t like bullsh*tters. Cut the sh*t and be honest about what you are taking to achieve your aesthetic look.

I am not saying that you can’t achieve a banging body without taking drugs or enhancers. It is very possible to achieve a banging body naturally, the catch being that it takes time and consistency and discipline. That is why when it comes to my fitness goals and promoting body positivity – I am in it for the long haul. I felt the pressure of standing in front of the camera for a bikini shoot and feeling that my body wasn’t at that “hot spot” yet – I still feel it at times. I kept comparing myself to fitness instagram models who were on year five of building their aesthetic look while I am just starting my first year of properly building an aesthetic physique. There is a night and day difference between her and me.

Personally, I am willing to take the long road to achieving my ideal physique. I have time on my side and with my brand I tend to take a more natural, holistic approach anyway. Steroids and shortcuts have never appealed to me for my type of goals. The pressure to be skinnier than the next b*tch to me isn’t worth it, I would rather eat burritos. Enough said.



Just like taking steroids to get a sex appeal bod in no time, there is a fast track to boosting your following and landing the right connections. There are MANY men in the marketing and the photography industry that would love you to suck their d*ck. In return, they would gladly help any starving instagram models make their presence known online. I have no issues at ALL if a grown a$$ woman wants to hook-up with a guy to advance her career! I just have to play the game differently being that I am in a monogamous relationship. Even if I was single though, I am so conceited the thought of hooking up with anyone slightly unattractive to get a connection would make me very nauseous.

…I was absolutely STUNNED that exchanging sexual favors for boosting followers on instagram was the new norm, people don’t mess around at all. Being an influencer is a full-time career now that everyone is wanting to jump on. I really went in blind thinking that working with other influencers that happened to have a penis was going to be fun and professional. That isn’t always the case. It led to awkward moments and jealous girls and the whole nine yards. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I love a good story for my blog because I am basically the Taylor Swift of blogging. You cross me and I will write a post about you. BUT, one thing I absolutely hate is tension and awkward interactions. Creating content is fun for me. I want to keep it that way without having to let a photographer know that I would rather sh*t in public than see his junk.

This leads me into my second point, I was advised not to post photos of my boyfriend or let my followers know I was in a relationship. The theory behind it is that all my thirsty men want to see photos of me and fantasize about me. I throw a photo of my boyfriend in the mix and it throws off their fantasy land of sleeping with me. That is why I know some women that don’t even post about their boyfriends or rarely mention their significant other. OR, when instagram models become single it can boost their following up by thousands.

This is how I use the thirsties to my advantage – f*ck what they think and f*ck what they want. I love that I can use my tits as leverage to boosting my following and connect with more people. BUT, I don’t revolve my content around thirsty men. I am trying to attract women and women love couple sh*t. They eat it up anytime they see a couple photo and people are going crazy about the couple podcast I will be starting soon with Aaron. I post scandalous photos which naturally brings men to my page, but I don’t waste my time interacting and pleasing them.

As for collaborating with influencers, I have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and I have just resorted to Aaron taking my photos which has been way better than paying joe smoe $1200 to get a shot of my a$$. There are plenty of opportunities and options out there for me, I just don’t waste my time with “professional photographers” on Instagram right now (unless they are mutual friends).


Although I love dressing up and taking photos of myself, the vision of my brand and future for my blog isn’t to just be a girl that flashes her tits and scars my coworkers when they look me up online- I always want to create vulgar, mouthy content. I got just a small taste into what it’s like being in the community of instagram models. I was shocked and impressed and appalled and fascinated all at the same time.

What are your guys’ thoughts on instagram models?


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6 Responses
  • Brad Daugherty
    November 15, 2017

    Always entertained with your posts. Love how real you keep shit. And btw, don’t EVER sacrifice your relationship for any boost of followers. The interaction between the two you is what is fun about following you guys! #couplesrock Stay true Savana and fuck haters!!🤣

    • Savanna Barajas
      November 16, 2017

      Thank you so much Brad! Really appreciate that and you taking the time to read my content! Will keep posting the couple shit! 😉

  • Gramma
    November 16, 2017

    Please tell me that I was not the Grandma in question re: that convo about your waist size! I’m thinking not, only because my first thought when I saw the photoshopped waist was how bizarre and unnatural it looked. Way too Barbie doll – ugh!💖

    • Savanna Barajas
      November 21, 2017

      Unfortunately, you were that grandma! glad you came around haha!

  • Lara
    December 3, 2017

    Hilarious that your grandma got the photos flip flopped and YAY FOR YOU FOR KEEPING IT REAL AND NOT PUTTING OITNFAKE CRAP THAT MAKES PEOPLE FEEL LIKE SHIT AND HOPELESS! I liked this post 🙂

    • Savanna Barajas
      December 27, 2017

      Just saw this! Thank you so much Lara for reading the post – and yes I am all about that NO photoshop life. It would fuck up my confidence and others. 🙂

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