Q&A Time : How do I get a hot body year round?


You know what used to drive me absolutely insane? Trying to figure out how in the hell to keep a hot body year round.

I used to spend hours (like 100+ hours) googling article after article claiming that if I just took string cheese out of my diet and ate out of portion control containers that couldn’t even fill up a baby, it would give the seductive instagram goddesses a run for their money. And you know what? I believed it (the things we buy into for vanity).

I feel like almost every girl can be found guilty to have fallen for the starvation meal plans that make you want to cut a b*tch and cardio workouts that give you bad knees before you hit 50 years old. I had to keep convincing myself that “I am not hungry at all. I don’t even crave hot cheetos anymore” which was a LIE. The positive affirmations didn’t stop me from finding myself in the in-n-out drive thru after two weeks on a sh*t diet ordering a double double with a side of animal fries & chocolate milkshake.

Eventually, I gave up being a chronic dieter and joined the cult of CrossFit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know the joke. You know someone is doing CrossFit because they won’t shut the f*ck up about it. GUILTY.

I actually became a CrossFit maniac who took working out to the extreme by training four hours a day and only worked part-time so I could pursue my dream of being a “crossfit athlete” (that’s another story in and of itself…HAHA). So I found out that if I worked out an ungodly amount, I could practically eat whatever I want while staying in decent shape. The only downside was being extremely sore, constantly nursing an injury, and really declining my health.

SO I was f*cked by both approaches.

Then I had to finally come to grips that I wasn’t about to become the next CrossFit all star and had to get a full-time corporate job to support myself. There was no time to workout for fours hours a day while trying to balance a relationship, stressful sales job, work on my side hustle, and maintain a social life.


This was a long introduction probably because I am so controlling when it comes to my blog, and I am allowing Aaron (my bf / personal trainer / nutritionist / roommate) to answer some of the questions regarding how to keep a hot body all year long.

He has been adjusting my macros and creating my workout regimen with my fitness goals in mind:

My goal is to have a lean look while still maintaining my curves.

I need to clean up my abdomen area (don’t let my photo above fool you) and get a leaner build.

Think Nikki Blackletter or Katy Hearn body type.

Flat Stomach. Toned Upper Body. Big Ass. Lean & Voluminous look.

I have one hour a day to workout and I want to eat food.

No constant workout injuries. No crazy diets. No hating my life.

OK, I am going to shut up now. Giving over the laptop to Aaron…ughhh.

Let’s discuss how to get a hot body year round without wanting to scratch your eyes out.


How are you programming my regimen to create that curvy, insta model build?

The two big focuses for me is having my clients do heavy compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench, etc.) which allow the person to train multiple muscle groups at once. The second equally important focus is the diet, specifically their calorie intake and within that their macronutrient breakdown. So in simpler terms, I’m having Savanna lift heavy weights 3-4 days a week and track her macros diligently 4-5 days a week. The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is utter nonsense. Abs are muscles and muscles are made by exercising. Then to show off your hard work you need to diet. So please don’t think cutting your meals to nothing is going to make give you that smokin hot bod. Creating a consistent lifestyle of diet and exercise is key.


How often does a girl need to workout to get that hot body year round?

It really depends on the person’s start point. If they already have their ideal body, probably three days a week would be maintainable with a bit of a more relaxed diet. But for those who aren’t at their ideal body, I would recommend that you workout out 3-5 days a week (60-90mins) and be diligent about tracking macros 5-6 days a week. And while both Sav and I enjoy working out in gyms, it’s important to find what you love and focus more on that area. Working out should be fun. So if you enjoy yoga, calisthenics or just an outdoor enthusiast, spend more of your time there. Just be aware of what your goals are and if they include having a big booty that makes the fellas say “DAYYUUUMMMM!!!” then realize you will need to add some squats into your fitness program.

What foods should I stay away from?

From a health perspective, I try to avoid dairy if possible and stay away from very dense calorie foods with little nutritional value. The biggest factor is to stay away from high fat foods such a high fat dressing, nix the mayo on a burger, and say no to cream sauce on sushi rolls. High fat foods are a good example of high calorie foods that do very little to make you feel full.  You can tremendously drop your calorie intake just by eliminating as much high fat foods as possible. What I have noticed with my clients is that on average consumed way more fat that necessary on a DAILY basis. It is important for someone that starts this type of lifestyle to get in the habit of reading nutrition labels and realize what exactly they’re consuming.

Do I need to count calories or follow intuitive eating?

I only recommend intuitive eating to those who already have a good mastery of counting calories correctly and already were they want to be with their body. 2,00o calories of beer is a lot different on the body than 2,000 calories of quality foods. I strongly recommend counting calories and tracking your macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) for anyone who is trying to achieve some physique or health goals. Plus, if you’ve never read a nutrition label before you should start immediately. It’s a sad realization that a whole cheesecake has enough grams of fat for an entire week for an average person’s needs, but it’s also nice having the knowledge for your fitness goals. Once you learn how to count calories, you can plan your day to optimize your wants, and have a social life that allows you to go to dinner with friends and not worry if the meal you’re eating is going to set you back. It’s really awesome grabbing an Al Pastor burrito from my favorite mexican spot and KNOWING that this delicious peace of heaven is helping me towards my fitness goals.

When should I eat carbs? Are they bad for you?

YES! Carbohydrates aka “carbs” are your friend because 1) they give you energy by fueling your muscles and 2) they make you happy. Have you ever heard of the term “HANGRY”? Cut out carbs and you’ll find out real quick. Carbs make up one of the three macronutrients essential to the body (the other two being protein and fats). They all play an important role in bodily health especially as you move towards a more active healthy lifestyle. Think of carbs as an energy source. If you are hiking, surfing, lifting, or doing any active workout, your body is going to need more carbs to complete the task. I personally don’t recommend low-carb diets to my clients, especially if they are beginners, and typically will program slightly more carbs for Sav (50-100g extra) on her training days.

How do I get a flat stomach?

Exercise and diet. I’m a big advocate of lifting heavy and tracking macronutrients. There is no such thing as spot reducing fat, which means that your body will lose fat in whatever order it feels like. Sorry…we all cry a little when we realize that Santa Claus isn’t real and we can’t target our stubborn fat areas. So it comes down to being consistent with both your exercise and diet, and making these part of your lifestyle. Remember, that even once you achieve that flat stomach you desire, those muffin tops will be back in no time if you stop eating healthy and exercising.

Do I need to eat protein if I am a girl?

ABSOLUTELY. Protein is one of the three macronutrients, and are essential for repairing and building new muscles. And while I know it’s common stereotype for women to be scared of putting on a lot of muscles, this only happens if you’re either 1) a top level athlete that literally lives in the gym (think top crossfit athletes) or 2) you’re taking steroids. If you want an attractive, healthy fit body that makes you feel like a huntress with men filling your inboxes with way too many unsolicited dick pics, then exercising those muscles and feeding them protein is essential. While protein may vary from person to person and their desired goals, a good start point for most people is 0.8g per lean body weight.

Am I allowed to have hot cheetos or donuts or cake?

ABSOLUTELY. While these aren’t considered “healthy foods”, they still are made up of macronutrients, mainly fats and carbs, which once again are essential in your diet. I am definitely not recommending eating junk food everyday because “it fits your macros,” but the perk of flexible dieting is having options. And sometimes for  Sav and I those options include a donut before smashing some weights. Also, while I love seeing any client fully commit to the fitness lifestyle, it’s important to take rest days from exercising and it’s just as important to have rest days from tracking calories aka Cheat Days. So if you made it through the week sticking to your exercise regiment and your diet plan, make sure to treat yourself. Typically with our lifestyle, I program Sav to track her macros Mon-Fri so that we can be carefree on the weekend.

How long will it take to get these results?

Too look like Sav? Depends, are you already a 5’8″ blonde with big boobs? Haha! That’s an impossible question to answer because it’s all subjective. But for you readers, I would like you to realize that I’ve never met a fitness enthusiast who has ever thought of themselves as being done. Health and fitness is a lifestyle. There’s no 21 day cleanse or 30 squat challenge to achieve your “dream body” and there’s definitely no set number on the scale that’ll make you happy. The best thing about pursuing fitness is that there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. Sav has gone from soccer player, to crossfitter, to powerlifter to currently a beach bum enjoying swimming in the ocean, but it’s all a constant process of growth and her body shows it.

How do I contact you for personal training/nutrition services?

I currently run a powerlifting team in San Luis Obispo county called Barbell Ruckus, and offer both general and specific weight training. I’m also expanding my services to offer clients an understanding of calorie counting and macronutrient tracking. You can slide into our team’s Instagram DM @barbellruckus or email me directly at barbellruckus@gmail.com.

OK – I am back!

I hope this was helpful content for you guys regrading how achieve a hot body and potentially enhance your sex life. I will be doing posts in the future that really breakdown how to track your macros, examples of my current workout regimen, and what a day of eating looks like for me. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it gives you guys some insight on how much BULLSH*T we are given when it comes to health and fitness. Excited to document my progress working with Aaron and will keeps you guys filled in as always!


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  • Patti E LeMarr
    August 14, 2017

    What kind of tracker do you use for your macros?

  • Taylor Harvell
    November 21, 2017

    I love you Savanna!

    • Savanna Barajas
      November 21, 2017

      Thank you so much, I love you too! I am glad I have someone I can bitch with on the regular. 😉

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